The NSC provides services for Strategic Sourcing, Contract Administration, Data Management & Analytics, Clinical Consultation, Distribution & Warehousing and  Transactional Procurement & Management Services. For more information on becoming a Member or customer, or to access any of our available services, please contact us.


Our Strategic Sourcing services include benchmarking against the marketplace, supplier identification and rationalization, RFx management, contracting and negotiations, and procurement process improvement. Supported by robust engagement of our membership, we strive to deliver innovative, value based decisions that improve patient experience and outcomes.


The Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) software was chosen by the NSC to track spend, consumption and pricing on frequently purchased goods. The tools it offers allow Members to track their purchasing habits, ensure purchases are made on-contract and in the most efficient way possible. It also provides contract management features including GPO updates, contract expiration alerts, contract spend reporting and extensive metrics.


Our Contract Administration offering is fully compliant with the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directives. This position, considered to be best practice, is a supportive role to the procurement process. The Administrator manages and measure the Post Award period through Supplier evaluations, as well as, documents and addresses any performance issues. Proactive management of contracts on an ongoing basis creates a collaborative and mutually beneficial contract environment and ensures all deliverable are met thus maximizing value.


Members rely on our logistical expertise to deliver product throughout the North in a timely, efficient process allowing products to be delivered to patients and clients in a seamless manner. Ensuring efficient use of resources by managing the lowest carrying inventory with the highest turn rates possible, we contribute to quality patient/client care by ensuring the continuum and availability of products through effective inventory control.


The role of the Clinical Contract Specialist (CCS) is to provide assistance to NSC members with matters related to contracts concerning clinical practice. The CCS promotes the optimization of contract participation to drive best value and assists members with the process of product conversion from existing to new contracts. They also identify and lead opportunities relating to contracted products and services that support best practice, rationalization or standardization in the region. Additionally, they coordinate vendor-led educational programs, providing a cost-effective way to ensure members’ staff training needs are met which ensures conversions and implementations are almost seamless.


The Purchasing team includes buyers specializing in many categories, including common equipment, IT/IS, laboratory, diagnostic imaging and chronic and complex care. Purchasing supports the end-user through research assistance, competitive quotation processes, facilitating pricing agreements and the timely placement of purchase orders. The Purchasing team highlights savings opportunities and strives to ensure best value is achieved in all purchases.



The Northern Supply Chain provides management and specialty services for Members where Hospitals or Agencies require enhanced services that may not be available onsite or covered under our general membership offering. Those services may cover management oversight, interpretation of legislation and trade agreements, BPS Directives, procurement policies, training and other required services such as local complex RFx development that may be outside of our collaborative membership agreements. We are happy to provide more information on accessing a specific service or becoming a NSC Member.

The NSC’s principles are to follow the Ontario Broader Public Sector Supply Chain Code of Ethics. This includes Personal Integrity & Professionalism, Accountability & Transparency, and Compliance and Continuous Improvement.H