Northern Supply Chain Privacy Notice

This notice pertains to the information collected by the Northern Supply Chain (NSC) about the users of its website through the use of its website. The NSC respects the privacy of its website visitors and believes that their privacy must be protected. To do so we will follow best practices and privacy legislation.

Personal Information

Personal information is defined by privacy law in Canada as “information about an identifiable individual.” This personal information includes business contact information (name, title or position, business name, business e-mail address, telephone number or facsimile number). The NSC does not collect any of your personal information through the use of the website.

Website Behaviour

The NSC may collect anonymous information that cannot be linked to an identifiable individual about website user activity. This information may be used by NSC to track visitation and use of various pages on our website. This will help us improve our content, design and navigation platform.

The Use of Cookies

The NSC automatically collects anonymous information about website user behaviour through cookies. Cookies are a small text file stored in the user’s computer as a way to recognize frequent visitors and keep track of your preferences. This helps to tailor the experience of site visitors and improve content. The NSC will not use cookies to collect personal information of website users.

External Links

The NSC website provides users with embedded links to external websites. The NSC is not aware of nor responsible for the manner in which an external organization owning a non-NSC web site may collect, use or disclose your personal information, or any information about your use of its site.

Email Use

When you email the NSC using any links found on the website, you are disclosing personal information to NSC. The information collected will only be used for the intended purposes and will only be retained long enough to fulfill these purposes. Personal information will not be shared, exchanged with or sold to any third parties without your express permission, unless required by law.

Please note that email is not a secure means of transmission and NSC cannot guarantee the confidentiality or security of any information emailed to us or by us while it is in transit.

Contact Us

For additional information about the NSC or its policies pertaining to personal information management, please contact