The Northern Supply Chain is governed by a Steering Committee made up of equal representation from North East LHIN and the North West LHIN Members including small, medium and large Hospitals. We also have a representative from the Executive group at OACAS and two Members from the provincial Agencies. Committee members serve terms of two (2) years with an option to reapply at the end of the term. The Steering Committee provides governance and guidance on strategic direction, performance, implementation and initiatives of the NSC.

Paul Chatelaine (Chair) CEO, MIC Group
Alex McAuley (Vice Chair) CFO, Dryden Regional Health Centre
Henry Gauthier (Past Chair)  VP Operations & CFO, Riverside Health Care Facilities
Pauline Violette Financial Services Manager, Geraldton District Hospital
Cindy Gasparini VP Corporate Services & CFO, Lake of the Woods District Hospital
Lynn Foster VP Corporate Support Services & CFO, Manitoulin Health Centre
Sara Tonks VP Corporate & CFO, North Bay Regional Health Centre
Janet Martel Director of Finance, North of Superior Healthcare Group
Jennifer Stanton Smith CFO, North Shore Health Network
Angela Bishop CEO, Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital
Mike Polychuk Manager of Procurement, Logistics & Laundry, Sault Area Hospital
Michelle Beaulne Director of Environmental Services, Sioux Lookout Meno Ya Win Health Centre
Peter Myllymaa EVP of Corporate Services & Operations, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre
Bryan Bennetts CFO, Timmins and District Hospital
Scott Powell VP of Corporate Services & CFO, Weeneebayko Area Health Authority
Ryan Jeffers CFO, West Nipissing General Hospital
Heidi Stephenson CFO & Director of Corporate Services, West Parry Sound Health Centre


Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee is comprised of members – three from the East and three from the West. The main purpose of this Committee is to provide oversight to the annual financial operations and budgets with the intent of long-term sustainability of the Northern Supply Chain.