Code of Ethics


Our Mission

To support Members’ Supply Chain Management needs through a consolidated strategic sourcing model that drives cost efficiencies.


Our Vision 

To provide optimal Supply Chain Management practices and systems that result in value driven outcomes and quality health care.


Our Values

To openly share our team’s standards to which we will operate within our day to day activities.

  1. Communications
    We believe that timely communication is paramount to success. 
  2. Member Involvement
    We encourage engagement, trust and conviction. We focus on listening, learning and respect. We welcome your expertise and contribution. 
  3. Employee Involvement 
    We are involved, dedicated and committed to the work we do. We develop a high level of skill, leadership and engagement. 
  4. Team Work 
    We support enthusiastic debate in order to refine and improve current practices. We create an environment that is aligned, cohesive, open and trusting. 
  5. Transparency 
    We are open to scrutiny from all members and stakeholders. We require ethical and reliable behaviours and practices. 
  6. Integrity
    We use trust, knowledge and responsible business practices for the public monies that have been entrusted to our team. 
  7. Professionalism

Guiding Principles

The NSC is led by key shared principles that provide clarity and context for our path to success. The principles address commitment, equality, expectations and respect.

  1. We are committed to meeting our Member’s expectations, and the value we deliver achieves our collective goals.
  2. We are committed to delivering flexibility to ensure all Members are compliant with contract offerings.
  3. We are committed to upholding the agreement that every Member’s vote will be of equal value and that we support each other.
  4. We respect confidentiality and require all members to declare conflicts of interest and act accordingly.
  5. We will remain open-minded, honest and transparent, at all times.
  6. We understand and appreciate the unique and diverse needs of all.
  7. We are committed to facilitating partner based contract relationships that bring value to both our Members and Suppliers.
  8. We will support each other.
  9. We will all commit to the principles agreed to.