About Us

Northern Supply Chain (NSC) is an innovative shared services program driving collaborative procurement, operational guidance/oversight and cost efficiencies for Healthcare in the North and provincially for our Child Welfare Service agencies.

We are comprised of 36 Hospital Members, 37 Agencies and many customers and associate members from the North East and North West LHIN’s. The NSC serves Members throughout Ontario and manages a spend of approximately $600 million annually. 

Members benefit from experience, resources and significantly enhanced buying power through the NSC’s supply chain management services. Our goal is to drive cost savings for our Members and create price and quality consistency through the alignment of sourcing and supply chain related activities. Hospitals and Agencies can then translate those savings into increased efficiencies and enhanced patient/client care through redistribution of budgets. 



Northern Supply Chain (NSC) collaboration was established in 2011 as a joint venture sponsored by Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Care Group. The program, originally called the Northwest Supply Chain, included 13 Member Hospitals in Northwestern Ontario, as well as other healthcare organizations as customers.

The program expanded in July 2016 to include 24 Hospitals in Northeastern Ontario and was re-branded as the Northern Supply Chain.

In January 2018 we signed on 37 additional Child Welfare Agencies for strategic sourcing and contract management services. 

We support our Members and customers Supply Chain Management needs through a consolidated strategic sourcing model that achieves value driven outcomes, regionally standardized processes, and quality care for patients and clients.

The NSC also provides services for Distribution and Warehousing, Data Management and Spend Analytics, Clinical Consultation and Education, Post Contract Administration, Capital Equipment and Renovations, Pharmacy contracts and Purchasing Services.

The NSC’s principles are to follow the Ontario Broader Public Sector Supply Chain Code of Ethics. This includes Personal Integrity & Professionalism, Accountability & Transparency, and Compliance and Continuous Improvement.